Quick Start

The easy way to get a glimpse of Cuis is to get with one of the Cuis-University bundles. Cuis-University is a special distribution of Cuis maintained by prof. Hernan Wilkinson, used at courses on Programming and Software Engineering in several universities. These bundles are easy to install for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Please note that this is not the main Cuis distribution, and can’t be updated as Cuis evolves. If you prefer to install by yourself your programming environment, jump to the next section and follow the instructions.

Choose your bundle

Full installation (for the brave)

If you want to enjoy the latest enhancements to Cuis, report bugs, or contribute back to the project, you will install the Cuis-Smalltalk code repositories and an appropriate VM for your system.

To do so, follow the detailed instructions at Cuis’ GitHub repo.

Removing Cuis from your system

The installation procedures above don’t modify your system. If later you want to remove Cuis from your computer, just remove the Cuis folder you created. That’s all.