If you are learning Smalltalk, the Cuis community can help you. Check the “Learning Cuis Smalltalk” repository. It includes several great tutorials. Also, the TerseGuide.pck.st package (in the /Packages folder in this repo) is useful both as a guide and a reference.

Main project documentation is at the Documentation folder in the main Cuis repository. It includes installation and use guides, and several Presentations


The Cuis Book

A book about Cuis Smalltalk. A community effort to bring documentation to people new to Smalltalk and even computer programming.
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A wiki with technical information and notes about Cuis-Smalltalk.
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UI tour

The user interface enables you to access most of the code and to conduct Smalltalk experiments on your own. You can review its features in the Quick UI Tour.
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Video series at the Cuis Smalltalk YouTube Channel.

Additionally, there are many tutorials and references for Smalltalk in the web. They apply quite well to Cuis, especially those written originally for Smalltalk-80 or Squeak. These books “Smalltalk-80 the language and its implementation” and “Inside Smalltalk volume I” are great introductory texts, and they are also the reference for the language and basic class library. Both are freely available. Read other references from Stef’s Free Online Smalltalk Books collection.