Cuis is maintained on its Github Organization.

The main meeting point for Cuis users and developers is the mailing list. You can browse the archives for a glimpse of our discussions. Pre-April-2019 archives are found here and here.

The latest changes to Cuis-Smalltalk can be browsed in the Core updates commits.

Contributing to Cuis

For the recommended way of handling your own projects based on Cuis, please read Code Management in Cuis, about developing packages for Cuis, and Using Git and GitHub to host and manage Cuis code. While Cuis should work equally well with any file-based DVCS, we encourage the use of Git and GitHub.

To contribute code to the base image, use the tools includede in Cuis, such as the ChangeSorter and the ChangeList to prepare ChangeSets and save them to file. Send the files as attachments to a message describing them to our mail list, so we all can review and discuss. We prefer this over git pull requests for changes to the base image. For changes to existing packages, or contribution of new packages, pull requests are OK.

Please use an image with all relevant packages already loaded, using updated versions, especially, of any affected packages. This will ensure we don’t break them while we evolve Cuis.

Any contribution must be under the MIT license.

Monthly meetings

Every first Wednesday of each month, at 16:00 GMT (convert here to your local time), a member of the Cuis community chairs a 30 min virtual meeting on a selected topic. Browse the incoming meetings list below, save the date in your agenda and join the meeting at

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  • Image Processing, Part II

    Cartography, planet wide datasets and satellite image rectification.
    Juan Vuletich
    2024-05 (1st Wednesday of the month. 16:00 GMT)

  • Audio

    Sound and Music in Cuis.
    Juan Vuletich
    2024-06 (1st Wednesday of the month. 16:00 GMT)

Meetings archive

  • What's New?

    Learn what landed recently in Cuis.

  • Code Coverage Tool

    Code coverage is very useful when doing TDD. This tool does not only checks message sends but also variable usage, boolean coverage, etc.
    Nicolas Papagna

  • Cuis release process

    Presentation of the new Cuis release process. It is an important change for the Cuis-Smalltalk community. LabWare ( has decided to support the Cuis community in this effort. The presentation will be followed by a Questions & Answers session.
    Juan Vuletich

  • TDD Guru

    A tool to see how well you are doing Test Driven Development (TDD).
    Hernán Wilkinson

  • What's New?

    Learn what landed recently in Cuis. Smalltalk 2023 Fast event in Buenos Aires

  • The Spotlight

    The spotlight or finder is a tool that allows you to look for classes, senders, implementors, etc. very easily.
    Nicolas Papagna, Hernán Wilkinson

  • Image Processing, Part I

    Cartography, planet wide datasets and satellite image rectification.
    Juan Vuletich

  • What's New?

    Update on how Shout handles scripts in Workspaces and Inspectors. How to write a simple SVG exporter based on MorphCanvas double dispatching, use case in Dr. Geo. Revisiting the Dynabook concept with Cuis-Smalltalk. How to view and to edit business objects related to educational institution. Paper Morph, stunning hand writing rendering with VectorGraphics. General consideration on revisiting the Dynabook concept.

  • Refactoring with Cuis

    A demo of all the refactoring tools we have right now and the ones we are working on.
    Hernán Wilkinson

  • VM Plugin

    How to write a simple VM plugin in Cuis.
    David Lewis

  • Cuis and Unicode

    Learn about the implementation of Unicode within Cuis.
    Juan Vuletich

  • Teaching Cuis

    How we teach OO using Smalltalk (DenotativeObjects, etc).
    Hernán Wilkinson

  • Haver, Part II

    A Cuis based Smalltalk With Modules.
    Gerald Klix

  • Dr. Geo

    Interactive geometry. Short introduction to the objective and concepts. Demo.
    Hilaire Fernandes

  • What's New?

    Learn what landed recently in Cuis.

  • Bézier Curves

    Manipulate Bézier curves with Morph through end-point and control-point handles to the HaloMorph.
    Ken Dickey

  • Haver, Part I

    A Cuis based Smalltalk With Modules.
    Gerald Klix

  • LiveTyping

    Automatic Type Annotation for Dynamically Typed Languages. Introduction to the concept. Possibilities. Demo.
    Hernán Wilkinson

  • What's New?

    Learn what landed recently in Cuis.